China (Beijing) International
Wallcoverings and Home Furnishings Exhibition

March 26 - 28 ,2023 China International Exhibition Center( NCIEC),Beijing

China (Beijing) International
Wallcoverings and Home Furnishings Exhibition
About Exhibition

The 33rd China (Beijing) International WallCoverings & Home Furnishing Exhibition will be held on March 26-28,2023 at the new hall of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. The 120,000-square-meter display area of the new exhibition hall will be used to show integrated home furnishing products such as wallpaper, wall coverings, curtains, fabrics, high-end home stuffs and others. This exhibition will invite distributors, agents, and designers to come and participate in the conference and transaction negotiation. GL events, the French famous exhibition company, will partner with the exhibition to help continuously expand its overseas publicity and promotion, increase participation of overseas procurement groups, realize resource sharing and co-branding, and attract many well-known brands to actively participate, so to together create a flagship of wallcovering & soft-decoration expo in the industry.

With the improvement of people's material and spiritual life, the demands for home stuff have been more focused on professionalism and convenience of the products. Currently, single product chains have been no more able to meet consumer demands for product personalization and customization. When buying wallpaper and wall coverings, consumers hope to buy integrated soft-decoration services and products of wall papers, wall coverings, curtains, carpets and accessories. This China (Beijing) International WallCoverings & Home Furnishing Exhibition adapts to the trend of the times. In the wave of Chinese Manufacturing and the rise of Chinese brands and by taking the theme of “let the world see the beauty of soft decoration”, it is constantly expanding its influence, making the exhibition platform become a booster for technological innovation and industrial development, and helping enterprises shape their international brand image, with the wind of “Integration & Customization” on back.

Basic Information

Exhibition Name:The 33rd China (Beijing) International WallCoverings & Home Furnishing Exhibition

Exhibition Date: March 26-28, 2023

Exhibition Venue:China International Exhibition Center (New Hall), Beijing

Organized by:

China International Exhibition Center Group Co.,Ltd.

CIEC GL events(Beijing)International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

Exhibit Category

Booth fees

                                                        Booth Fee
TypeStandard Booth PriceRaw Space Price
PriceRMB 1200/ ㎡
RMB1000 /㎡

Exhibiting procedures and remittance methods


Step 1: Exhibitors choose a booth location and square meters;
Step 2: The two parties sign an exhibition contract. Within 3 working days, the exhibitor pays 30% of the total contract price as a deposit, and the contract takes effect.
Step 3: Before  February 1, 2023, the exhibitor pays the remaining 70% (if he offers to withdraw from the exhibition, the deposit will not be refunded)
Step 4: Submit a corporate profile to the organizing committee before March, 2023.
Step 5: On March17-18, 2023, the exhibitors come to the exhibition and sign in and move in exhibits (to ensure overall image of the exhibition, the organizer reserves the right to negotiate with the exhibitors and adjust the booth location), and the exhibition will be held on March 26-28,2023.


Account Name: CIEC- GL events (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Bank: ICBC Beijing National Exhibition Branch

Account number: 9558850200000858535

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